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*peers in, grins evilly*
It's Erika, from Michigan ... I showed up to the latest Mage/Cam game.
I very well may start making regular trips, so I thought I'd join.
*waves, toddles off to bed*
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Welcome to the club!

Play mortals this Saturday!
Ugh. I think I have to work!

How many people are there, typically?

And work is an acceptable excuse if you can't make it ;)

Maybe next month. I think we're done for now ... we really need to start saving our money for a bit.
Yep, I saw your livejournal. Completely understandable.
If it helps, I'm sure you can find domain members who would let you crash at their place on Friday Night. That way you can be awake during the games. :)
Oh, hush. If I want crap from you I'll squeeze your head. :P

...and yeah, next time we'll definitely stay the night....